Autumn Program. Oct. 18-24, 2021

Date and Time: Saturday May 25, 9:30pm
Duration: 90 minutes
Location: Gallery 308

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Join the all-women members of Tango Con*Fusion, the Alma del Tango organization with folks from the Redwood Tango Ensemble and special guests as we invoke the spirit of Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires to celebrate this important day in Argentinean history with an almost traditional Milonga!

May 25 is Argentina's National Day. It celebrates that historically significant week in 1810 in what was destined to be the first successful revolution against Imperial Spain in the long and chequered Latin American independence process. Argentina’s has been a somewhat tumultuous history since—including a government sponsored African eradication program and a closer-than-can-be-considered-coincidental liaison with some of the chaps from the German National Socialist Party.

But Argentina is now listed as the joint first LGBT friendly country in Latin America (Uruguay is the other). So that (at least) is a good reason to tango the night away at a Milonga Dance Party with an eye on the possibilities for the country's future.

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