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22 April, 2024
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SF International Arts Festival
Announces 2024 Program in Multiple Mission Venues

Calendar Editors Please Note
Who: Multiple Artists
What: 2024 San Francisco International Arts Festival
Where: Takes Place In 10 Mission District Venues.
Date & Time: May 1 - 12, 2024
Tickets: $20 - $30 general admission. 
Box Office and Information: or (415)-399-9554.

Photos Available on Request

22 April, 2024 San Francisco: San Francisco International Arts Festival (SFIAF) is very excited to announce that our Festival will be opening in one week's time, and we are delighted to inform you about the planned programs for the 2024 International Arts Festival. Following a highly successful return to the Mission district in June 2023, this year SFIAF:

  • Will include multiple performances focused on the socio-political issues of our time and that speak to the Festival's I.D. for the New Majority theme (see below);

  • Welcomes international touring artists back to the lineup following the pandemic with Kassandra Production from Denmark, Fishamble from the Republic of Ireland and Mykalle Bielinski from Canada;

  • Will feature 50 individual artists and ensembles giving 100 concerts, performances and presentations;

  • Include a dozen world, California or San Francisco premiere performances;

  • Feature a number of concert and events that will have free admission;

  • Builds the program by initiating new partnerships with multiple venues including music venues and visual arts organizations.

The Festival will take place in at least a dozen Mission based venues in 2024. They range in type, size and atmosphere and include: Accion Latina, Bissap Baobab, Community Music Center, Dance Mission Theater, El Rio, La Casa de los Sentidos, Medicine for Nightmares, Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Red Poppy Art House, Studio 210, and the great 94110 outdoors!

The Festival's theme continues to be IN DIASPORA: I.D. for the New Majority. I.D. asks artists to contemplate the changing demographics of the United States of America and / or apply the ideas of social justice to reflect on the conditions of minority, migrant, disenfranchised and/or displaced peoples in other countries and continents.

Festival Director, Andrew Wood, "On the one hand, we are very excited to build the Festival back to its pre-pandemic level of activity. It takes us two years to plan each program, so this is the first time we are presenting an international component to the Festival since 2019."

He also reflected, "On the other hand, this is also an experimental year for us. We are exploring the possibilities now that we are in the Mission again. There are many potential opportunities and we are taking an informal approach, building on current and past relationships, to figuring out what the most optimum direction might be. We welcome the community to join us as we consider the options for 2025 and beyond."

The full line up (so far), by discipline, with dates and times is as follows:



Perfect. Response (2023) (30 mins. w/o intermission)
Dance Mission Theater. Fri May 3 8:30pm; Sat May 4, 4:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared Bill with Joe Landini Dance

PERFECT. explores perfectionism and its impacts on the individual body, and the collective body, and seeks to dismantle notions of standards and norms (whose standards, whose norms!?) RESPONSE. researches the space between stimuli and response; seeking what is possible in the pause, the breath, the moment, the choice…

Joe Landini Dance (USA)
Freddie vs. Elvis (2024, World Premiere)
Dance Mission Theater. Fri May 3 8:30pm; Sat May 4, 4:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared Bill with CALI & Co

Freddie vs. Elvis is comprised of two abstract dances that use the music of Freddie Mercury (Queen) and Elvis Presley as backdrops to create a series of dances influenced by iconic imagery, pop culture and collective memory.

Aura Fischbeck Dance
Ambulatory Nature (2024 World Premiere)
Dance Mission Theater. Sat May 4 8:00pm; Sat May 5, 4:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared Bill with Alma Esperanza, Rosemary Hannon & Miriam Wolodarski

Drawing inspiration from research into fungal modes of communication and movement, Ambulatory Nature asks questions about the connections between human animals and mycelial consciousness, considering the possibility of a body that is always more than one. Ambulatory Nature offers a meditation on the beauty of unfixing, unraveling, failure and decay.

Rosemary Hannon & Miriam Wolodarski (USA)
This Is It (2024, World Premiere)
Dance Mission Theater. Sat May 4 8:00pm; Sat May 5, 4:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared Bill with Alma Esperanza Cunningham and Aura Fischbeck Dance

Rosemary and Miriam propose that now is a time for dealing with reality as it is, not as you would have it be. The body is the material. Responsive devotion, receptive influence: in practicing being shaped, kindness matters.

Alma Esperanza Cunningham Movement (USA)
Dance Mission Theater. Sat May 4 8:00pm; Sat May 5, 4:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared Bill with Aura Fischbeck Dance, Rosemary Hannon & Miriam Wolodarski
Great America reflects Cunningham’s experience as a second-generation immigrant navigating dual cultural identities with some missing parts. She shows the challenges of being American and Latin American in a world that requires identifying with one community. Cunningham uses this tension, a constant in her creative process, to let viewers understand her cultural experiences viscerally.

Ranko Ogura Dance (USA)
Soil and Soul (work-in-progess) (45 mins w/o intermission)
Studio 210. Sunday May 5, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Soil and Soul is an excerpt of the performance, Land of Kamuy based on the beliefs of the Ainu people. Through a fusion of Butoh movement, Ainu folk dance, film and animation, Soil and Soul depicts the Ainu’s faith, ritual, and devotion to Kamuy, the god of nature.

Theatre Flamenco de San Francisco (USA)
Pasajes Flamencos (2024, World Premiere) (75 mins w/o intermission)
Dance Mission Theater. Friday May 10, 8:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Directed by the visionary Carola Zertuche, this captivating production seamlessly blends innovation with tradition. A mesmerizing performance combining a unique fusion of modern creativity and the rich, authentic roots of flamenco. Pasajes Flamencos transcends boundaries, inviting the audience on a spellbinding journey through the heart of this passionate and timeless art form.

Megan Nicely/dance with Shoshana Green and Kevin Corcoran
humXn forms (2024, World Premiere) (60 mins w/o intermission)
Studio 210. Saturday May 11, 8:00pm; Sunday May 12, 7:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
humXn forms explores the life of sensations that reside underneath human appearance. Drawing on butoh, contemporary dance, and somatic practices, ignited by sonic textures and language, the two works on the program mine the periphery of perception, asking questions that bring findings into relationship to create the performance environment.

Anupama Srivastava and the InSyncKathak Dancers (USA)
Pravaasi (2024, World Premiere) (40 mins w/o intermission)
Dance Mission Theater. Sunday May 12, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared bill with Sarada Kala Nilayam

The saga of a typical immigrant experience in search of a “home-away-from-home,” through phases of wanderlust, separation-anxiety, identity-crisis, nostalgia and assimilation. Drawing parallels to emotions of anyone who leaves the comfort of “home”, whether or not they cross an international border, this relatable journey is presented through Indian Kathak dance.

Sarada Kala Nilayam (USA)
Chakras - the wheel of energy (2023, California Premiere) (25 mins. w/o intermission)
Dance Mission Theater. Sunday May 12, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared bill with InsynchKathak

Chakra refers to the wheel of energy flowing in our body. Each of the seven chakras has a unique purpose and location along the spine. The choreography details the location of each chakra, the yoga poses and elements of nature associated with them, and the voice of the activated Chakra.


Left Coast Chamber Ensemble (USA)
Borealis (60 mins w/o intermission)
El Rio. Thursday May 2, 6:00pm. Tix: FREE
Left Coast presents an eclectic mix of music for an eclectic instrumental ensemble: flute, viola and double-bass. Music by Saariaho, Schulhoff and Komschlies is inspired by physical phenomena, physical experiences and quirky humor. Find out how a double-bass fails to fail in a work designed to fail.

Shawna Virago (USA)
El Rio. Thursday May 2, 9:00pm. Tix: $12 - $15
Shared Bill with Secret Emchy Society
An evening of trans and queer songs curated by Shawn Virago that twist together folk, alt-country and punk. A shared bill with the Secret Emchy Society, Ed Varga and femme-ce Churro Nomi. Shawna Virago has performed and toured nationally as an out transwoman since the early 1990s.

Secret Emchy Society (USA)
El Rio. Thursday May 2, 9:00pm. Tix: $12 - $15
Shared Bill with Shawna Virago
Equal parts Leonard Cohen, Lucinda Williams, Billy Bragg, and Waylon Jennings, Secret Emchy Society embraces the boot-stomping, heart-breaking duality of California Country music. Recognized by among the Top Ten Queer Country Bands, this quadruple nominee for Best Live Band in the Bay delivers a rebellious, authentic honky-tonk experience that challenges modern country norms.

Students of WJWM, Dee Spencer Trio with Michelle Jacques (USA)
Women in Jazz & World Music Graduation Concert (60 mins w/o intermission)
Community Music Center. Friday May 3, 7:00pm. Tix: FREE
Presenting the work of legendary women singers epitomizing the classical American songbook. This concert is the culmination of a free four-week vocalist training intensive for 15 – 24 year old singers led by Dr. Dee Spencer from San Francisco State University. Join with students, family and friends as we celebrate the second successful cycle of the program.

VidyA (USA)
VidyA Reunion Concert | Carnatic Jazz (60 mins w/o intermission)
Community Music Center. Saturday May 4, 3:30pm. Tix: $20 - $28
VidyA naturally expresses the essence of Carnatic music and jazz through a unified trio of tenor saxophone, acoustic bass and drums. The VidyA Reunion Concert is a joyful rejoining of these musical brothers to make inspiring new music. Featuring Prasant Radhakrishnan (tenor sax), David Ewell (bass) and Sameer Gupta (drums).

Music In-Takht (USA)
Beyond Lyrics: Egypt's Legacy of Instrumental Music (75 mins with intermission)
Red Poppy Art House, Saturday May 4, 7:00pm Tix: $20 - $28
Led by Egyptian-American violinist, Basma Edrees, Music In-Takht presents a captivating concert exploring Egypt's instrumental musical legacy linking traditional and contemporary compositions. In addition, in solidarity with the struggle of the Palestinians for freedom and justice, this concert will also feature works by Palestinian composers.

Neblinas del Pacifico (USA)
Marimba Music from the Pacífico Afro-Colombiano (120 minutes w/o intermission)
Community Music Center. Saturday May 4, 8:30pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Neblinas del Pacífico weaves a sonic tapestry of marimba de chonta music from the Afro-Colombian Pacific coast: music of rivers and mangroves, of percussive polyrhythms and multi-part harmonies, of spirituality and everyday life, of ancestors and tradition, of celebration and resistance.

Melody of China (USA)
Deep Roots
(2021, San Francisco Premiere) (90 mins. With intermission)
Community Music Center. Sunday May 5, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
A colorful and exciting program spanning various regions of China performed by virtuoso musicians on traditional instruments: erhu; yangqin; guzheng; pipa; sheng; dizi and paigu. The program features guest artist Rachel Xu on cello and a new work, The Enchantment of Dance by composer Phil Young.

Natalie Cressman & Ian Faquini (USA)
Sotaques Brasileiros (60 mins w/o intermission)
Arcana SF. Sunday May 5, 7:00pm. TIX: FREE
San Francisco-born Natalie Cressman, a sublimely talented young trombonist and vocalist, returns to her hometown with Brazilian guitarist and singer Ian Faquini to present a uniquely intimate duo collaboration, drawing from impressionism, jazz, and the great Brazilian songwriting tradition.

Fanfare Zambaleta
Balkan Sundays (180 minutes with intermissions)
Bissap Baobab. Sunday May 5, 7:30pm. Tix: FREE - $35 including dinner
Fanfare Zambaleta (roughly meaning crazy street party with brass) is an eight piece Balkan Brass band specializing in spirited music of the Serbian, Macedonian, Bulgarian, Greek and especially the Romani people.

Pandan Leaf Collective (USA)
Until Now: The Women who Shape Us (60 mins w/o intermission)
El Rio, Thursday May 9, 6:00pm. Tix: FREE
The Pandan Leaf Collective, a group comprised of four independent Asian American women singer-songwriters (Katherine Park, Lisa Graciano, Frances Ancheta and MJoy), present a special concert of songs inspired by the women who shape our lives.

La Zuli with Nicole Maria (USA)
In Concert
Bissap Baobab, Thursday May 9, 8:00pm. Tix: $15 - $25
La Zuli combines the virtuosic talents of violinist Briana Di Mara and guitarist Anis Sehiri, weaving fresh original melodies and danceable rhythms influenced by music everywhere from Spain to North Africa to the Balkans and beyond. With lush harmonies and improvisations combining with powerful bass and drums, their genre-bending music is unique and uplifting. For this special concert they will be joined by the amazing Josh Mellinger (drums) and Erinn Wilkerson (bass).

Rachel Garlin
Rachel Garlin in concert + DJ Rockaway dance party (2024)
El Rio, Thursday May 9, 8:00pm. Tix: $15 - $25
Rachel Garlin teams up with DJ Rockaway for a night of LGBTQ+ original production - starting with a concert and ending with a dance party.

Tom Yang & Terry Eder (France & USA)
Trip'n'n Winter, A Fresh Look at Schubert's Winterreise (2017) (75 mins w/o intermission)
Community Music Center. Thursday May 9, 8:00pm. Tickets: $20 - $28
Singer and choreographer Tom Yang and concert pianist Terry Eder present Franz Schubert's most famous song cycle, composed in 1827, the year before the composer's death at 31 years old.  "Trip'n'n Winter" is Tom's ongoing project, "looking for the light" in this cold, bleak world of ice and snow...and rejection.

Ancient Future / Global Guitar Duo (USA)
Global Guitar Summit with Matthew Montfort and Teja Gerken (75 mins. with intermission)
Community Music Center. Friday May 10, 7:30pm. Tickets: $20 - $28
American scalloped fretboard guitar and world fusion music pioneer Matthew Montfort and German fingerstyle guitarist extraordinaire Teja Gerken perform new arrangements of classical works, Celtic music, Indian classical, contemporary compositions, popular songs, and much more.

Afro Cuban Ensemble of San Francisco State University (USA),
A 25 year Retrospective (90 mins w/o intermission)
Community Music Center. Saturday May 11, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
A milestone celebration of the Ensemble under its founder and director Dr. John Calloway. Panel facilitator Luis Medina will interview John about the ensemble’s formation, mission, history and numerous accomplishments. Former students and colleagues will also share their memories. But live music will be the main feature of the presentation!

Amelia Romano Trio (USA)
Modern Minds (70 mins. with intermission)
Red Poppy Art House. Saturday May 11, 2:30pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Having completed a masters in classical lever harp performance in 2023, Amelia Romano continues her quest to seek out and perform the repertoire of living female composers.  This program features string trio adaptations of solo harp music written by living creatives, based in Germany, Denmark, France, Scotland and the Bay Area.

Los Nadies (USA) (120 mins with intermission)
La Casa de los Sentidos Saturday May 11, 500pm. Tix: $12 - $18
As a band Los Nadies are proudly committed to social justice as well as to environmental and political awareness. Yet they embrace a spirit of fun, joy and sheer musicianship in every performance. And with their infectious grooves, every show always becomes a memorable dance party.

Kombos Collective (USA)
(2023) (75 mins. w/o intermission)
Community Music Center, Saturday May 11, 7:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
The Greek Chamber Music Project (GCMP) presents Uproot, a powerful program of Greek songs from Asia Minor. This album release show features modern arrangements that celebrate this vibrant musical heritage, while capturing the refugee experience through song. Uproot weaves histories and personal stories throughout, generating a universal dialogue about the impact of forced migration and building a bridge to the experience of modern-day refugees.

The Flex Duo (USA)

Interactive Music (70 mins. with intermission)
Red Poppy Art House. Saturday May 11, 7:30pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Listen - feel - dance - sing - The Flex Duo featuring Bryan Dyer and David Worm plays arranged songs and creates music spontaneously using their versatility and musicianship. From this becomes an interactive experience where listeners have the opportunity to sing and participate in the performance.

New Art Collaboration (USA)
KEYSCAPES 2024: New Identity in Improvisation for Piano and Percussion (World Premiere) (60 mins. w/o intermission)
Community Music Center, Sunday May 12, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Featuring pianists Ting Luo, Motoko Honda and Kevin Lo with percussionist Kevin Corcoran. Experience the enchantment of dynamic duets and trios, culminating in a powerful quartet performance. A dynamic concert where each performer presents their unique interpretation of new identities in contemporary and improvisational music.

Purnamasari (USA)
Amazeum+ (2023) (30 mins w/o intermission)
Mission Cultural Center. Sunday May 12, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared Bill with Gamelan Sekar Jaya
The story of an elderly woman and her great-great-granddaughter living on an artificial island orbiting the sun. Refugees waiting to inhabit a new planet, an imagined community of people born in outer space. And a metaphor for displaced populations amidst the collapse of global systems on Earth.

Gamelan Sekar Jaya (USA)
Contemporary and Traditional Gender Wayang (30 mins w/o intermission)
Mission Cultural Center. Sunday May 12, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shared Bill with Purnamasari
Gamelan Sekar Jaya’s Gender Wayang Ensemble, led by Guest Music Director Ni Nyoman Srayamurtikanti and featuring Guest Dance Director I Made Suteja will feature a rare performance of Balinese Wayang Wong dance.

Sumi Lee Collective (USA)
Contemporary Tango Concert (90 mins with intermission)
Community Music Center. Sunday May 12, 6:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Pianist, Sumi Lee brings her ever-evolving collective of Bay Area and international Tango-istas back to the Festival for a closing night concert and milonga.

Istanbul Connection (USA)
Balkan Sundays (180 minutes with intermissions)
Bissap Baobab. Sunday May 5, 7:30pm. Tix: FREE - $35 including dinner
Istanbul Connection is a collective of Bay Area musicians who draw their inspiration from the Turkish Maqam, Flamenco, Rumba, Balkan, and Cumbia they are are so deeply rooted in. The group brings its inspiration and energy to the Balkan Sundays program at Bissap Baobab.

Performance Art

Mykalle Bielinski (Canada)
Warm Up (2021, US Premiere) (60 min w/o intermission)
Studio 210. Thur – Sat May 2-4, 7:30pm. Tix: $20 - $28
SFIAF brings attention to the combined crises of environmental degradation and climate change with the US Premiere of Warm Up by Mykalle Bielinksi from Montreal, Canada. Using a bicycle to generate the electricity that powers the lights and sound of her performance, Mykalle questions humankind’s relationship with nature through the lens of over consumption by rethinking the act of making art.

Sha Sha Higby with Guest Artist Keith Evans (USA)
The Powdered Turtle (World Premiere) (60 mins. w/o intermission)
Studio 210. Sat May 4, 3:00pm; Sun. May 12, 3:30pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Sha Sha Higby”s metaphorically elaborate multi-layered costume and micro puppetry is based on the symbolic plight of our skies, forests, and ourselves. Fish fly up catching the remains of flying souls. Projection collaborator, Keith Evans with his fascination devices will alchemically deify the piles of Sha Sha’s handmade artifacts with moving light.

Spoken Word

Speakeasy Storytellers (USA)
Speakeasy Storytellers (75 mins w/o intermission)
Studio 210. Sunday May 5, 5:00pm. TiX: $12 - $25.
The Speakeasy Storytellers provides a platform where stories are told and shared in an intergenerational supporting and caring atmosphere. The evening will present an expansive line-up ranging from storytelling novices to grand masters of the art.

Last Supper Party (USA)
Zara Jamshed and Cassandra Rockwood Ghanem (90 mins w/o intermission)
Medicine for Nightmares. Wednesday May 8, 7:00pm. TiX: FREE
Curator, Kimi Sugioka invites the audience to share ideas and bread and find inspiration in artists whose perspectives are drawn from a kaleidoscope of cultures, but who are united by compassion and a common desire to seek justice, equity and truth. For the Festival rendition artists include Zara Jamshed and Cassandra Rockwood Ghanem. There will be an open microphone to follow.


Kassandra Production
The Soul Catcher (2020, US Premiere) (90 mins w/o intermission)
Mission Cultural Center. Wed & Fri May 1 & 3 8:00pm, Sat, May 4, 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
The Soul Catcher sheds light on the invisible mechanisms behind abusive relationships, with a specific focus on Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD). It is a seductive and deeply disturbing story of psychological abuse, manipulation and power. A toxic cocktail of harmful self-absorption and a predatory and exploitative behavior conveyed through a riveting multidisciplinary performance.

West Oakland to West Africa (USA, Ghana, Nigeria Kenya)
Lake Walking, Revolutionary Talking (work-in-progress) (120 mins with intermission)
Red Poppy Art House. Saturday May 4, 11:00am. Tix: $20 - $28
An interactive and experimental live-streamed theatre piece written and directed by Karla Brundage and performed by a live physical and virtual cast. Lake Walking highlights the voices of artists from the Bay Area in vibrant conversation with their counterparts from countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

Eth-Noh-Tec (USA)
Shadows & Secrets (2024, World Premiere) (75 mins w/o intermission)
Mission Cultural Center. Sat May 4 6:30pm, Sun May 5 2:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Shadows & Secrets is based on a dossier of scattered historical facts, newspaper clippings and memories of Nancy Wang’s grandfather Chin F. Foin, whose demise in mob era Chicago (Foin fell to his death down the elevator shaft of his restaurant), was understood to be an accident—or was he pushed?

Fishamble: The New Play Company (Republic of Ireland)
King (2023, Northern California Premiere) (80 mins w/o intermission)
Mission Cultural Center. Wed & Fri May 8 & 10 8:00pm, Sat, May 11, 3:30pm. Tix: $20 - $28
Set in rural Ireland, King was written and is performed by Pat Kinevane as Luther, a man who only leaves his apartment for essential journeys, and to perform as an Elvis Presley impersonator.  The play explores prejudice, privilege and resilience, as Luther struggles to live life to the full.

Kismet Art Ensemble (USA)
Wetside of the Lake (2024, World Premiere) (90 mins with intermission)
Studio 210. Thu – Fri May 9-10, 7:30pm; Sat May 11 3:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
A multidisciplinary, immersive theatre experience that explores surrender, trust, and the power of dreams through rituals inspired by meditation, butoh, and somatic practices. Characters with mysterious intentions invite the audience into a state of awe and transformation, challenging societal norms and fostering deeper connections.

Crescent Moon Theatre Productions (USA)
Let the Wind Sweep Through, a Conference of Birds
( World Premiere) (75 mins w/o intermission)
Dance Mission Theater. Sat. May 11 8:00pm; Sun. May 12, 6:00pm. Tix: $20 - $28
The seven seas are drops of rain.
The moth seeks to know the flame.
What is the longing that stirs in you?
And what is the most you're willing to do?
With physical theatre, aerial dance, shadow puppetry, music, and poetry, Crescent Moon Theatre tells an old story for a new era.

Walking Tours

Precita Eyes (USA)
Saturday Morning Special (90 mins w/o intermission)
Precita Eyes Gallery. Saturday May 4 11:30am. Tix: $10 - $25
Led by local artist Carmela Gaspar,
this is an intimate walk past some of the Mission District's most interesting murals and mural environments.

Precita Eyes (USA)
OG Classic Mission Mural Walk (90 mins w/o intermission)
Precita Eyes Mural Gallery. Saturday May 4 & 11, 1:30pm. Tix: $10 - $25
Led by artist, Patricia Rose for those with a deeper interest in the history and context of Mission District muralism. The tour begins with a short lecture. This is followed by a six-block guided tour through Balmy Alley and 24th Street, including St. Peter's Church and the digital murals at Galeria de la Raza.

Chris Carlsson (USA)
"What's That Smell?" A walking tour of the industrial North Mission (120 mins w/o intermission)
Theatre of Yugen. Saturday May 11, 1:00pm. Tix: $20 - $25
Chris Carlsson, long-time grassroots historian and guide to San Francisco's lost, forgotten and overlooked histories, takes participants on a walk around the old industrial sites of the North Mission. Pungent odors such as ammonia, baking bread, and roasting hops, once common, are now only memories.

SFIAF 2024 is made possible in part by the support of Bernard Osher Foundation, California Arts Council, California Office of the Small Business Advocate, California Venues Grant, Grants for the Arts, New Place Fund and the Further Foundation, the Western Arts Federation (WESTAF) and many generous individuals.

Calendar Editors Please Note
Who: Multiple Artists
What: 2024 San Francisco International Arts Festival
Where: Multiple Venues in San Francisco's Mission District
Date & Time: May 1 - 12, 2024
Tickets: $20 - $30 general admission. Early Bird Tickets On-Sale February 20, 2024
Box Office and Information: or 415-399-9554.

Photos Available on Request


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