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The Art Critique Comedy Show

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The Art Critique Comedy Show

Date(s) & Time(s): Saturday May 30, 9:00 PM
Duration: 90 minutes without intermission
Location: Southside Theater

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Early Bird: $12
Advanced: $15
At the Door: $20 

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Production Credits

Co-ProducerJordan Cerminara
Co-ProducerJeremy Talamantes
Co-ProducerJordan Cerminara
Performing ArtistHAVE NOT BOOKED


Funded in part byFunding for the show has been provided by hard work in restaurants. Always tip your bar and waitstaff, they might actually be aspiring to do something other than place your overly complicated orders.


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The Art Critique Comedy Show

The Art Critique Comedy Show is the intersection of highbrow and lowestbrow. A gallery of thrift store store paintings and mixed media disasterpieces are curated by stand-up comedians who verbally dismantle the secondhand collection before auctioning them off to audience members that can't help themselves. The production has been featured in SF Sketchfest, Sac Comedy Fest, Santa Cruz Comedy Festival, Chico Comedy Festival, and is currently in the pre-production stages of filming for television.

The Art Critique Comedy Show

The Art Critique Comedy Show was conceptualized in 2016 by Bay Area stand-up comics Jeremy Talamantes and Jordan Cerminara. Since the first show in 2017, their goofy idea to have comedians roasting thrift store art has expanded into over 50 installations across 8 cities with over 300 pieces of secondhand art successfully auctioned to new owners. They are currently planning to film a screener and pitch a pilot to network TV and streaming services this summer.


Jordan Cerminara (Co-Producer)
This San Francisco-based humorist uses stand-up, cartoons, and collage to bring you a little closer to his existential plane of strange. From small town class clown to Bay Area buffoon, his wordplay-laden misdirection takes you on a journey through odd musings and silly voices. Covering the adventures of job-hopping to having more body hair than one man needs, his comedy gives a classic take on self-deprecating humor a fuzzy twist of strange.

Jeremy Talamantes (Co-Producer)
Half Mexican, half white, and full on funny. The day he dropped out of community college he solemnly swore to make others chuckle. Coming out of San Francisco but repping San Jose, this 28-year-old Bay Area native is a blue collar slacker with a taste for the goofier things in life. He has traveled up and down both coasts playing anywhere from bars and cafes to theaters and comedy clubs in order to uphold his oath.

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