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Balkan Sundays


Balkan Sundays

Date(s) & Time(s):
Sun May 5, 7:30pm
Duration: 180 mins with intermission
Location: 2243 Mission Street, SF, CA, 94110
Venue: Bissap Baobab

Ticket Information

$35 including dinner

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If you cannot attend, but would like to support the artist, thank you for making a donation.

Artist Information

Producer: Sean Tergis

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Balkan Sundays

Production Details

Istanbul Connection
Istanbul Connection is a Bay Area musical collective formed in 2015 when 13 members of the hottest Balkan and Latin bands were gravitationally pulled to visit the city of Istanbul. With a mind towards cross-cultural connection and sonic expansion, these die-hards flew 7,000 miles to represent a piece of the the Bay Area music scene. In the process, they have cemented themselves as a supergroup of groove and since their epic beginnings, the band has performed sold-out-show after sold-out-show. They continue to draw their inspiration from the Turkish Maqam, Flamenco, Rumba, Balkan, and Cumbia they are are so deeply rooted in. Old school Balkan Latin folk music in a funky Bay Area context.

Balkan Sundays
Balkan Sundays brings many of the great Bay Area musicians together resulting in an action packed event with a full sound. Usually composed of a rotating 4 member core of musicians playing standard tunes from Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Albania and beyond, it is typical for many musicians in the local Balkan scene to join so it can turn into a fairly rawkus affair. The goal is to play great music while enlarging the Balkan musician community.




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