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all the things we'll never be

Date and Time: Thursday May 30, 7:00pm; Saturday June 1, 3:30pm; Sunday June 2, 4:30pm
Duration: 35 minutes, no intermission, Shared Program with OOMPH Dance Theater
Location: Chapel

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General Admission: $25
At the Door: $28 

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Artist Info

Production Credits
Artistic Director:Bhumi B. Patel

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Work Sample

pateldanceworks premieres all the things we’ll never be, choreographed by Artistic Director Bhumi B. Patel. all the things we’ll never be is a work that explores femininity, femmephobia, and the collective safety that queer women seek in one another as a means of solace for the grief that we feel as artists, as queer folks, as people of colour, as womxn, as people who believe in equity and justice. It is a fully immersive, meditation on the versions of ourselves that we’ll never be and will examine the choices we’ve made to honor the expectations set forth for us, either internally or externally. Patel states, “As a queer, woman of colour, I have been marked enough – different, an outlier, unworthy, less than. And this work makes a different mark, one that heals and welcomes in.”

Bhumi B. Patel (Artistic Director)
Bhumi B. Patel creates queer, feminist movement art that holds the focus of creating movement at the intersection of embodied philosophy and dynamic sensation taking precedence over stagnant form. Patel makes multidisciplinary art to learn how to embrace the contradictions of her inner landscape where she is brown, queer, working class, and a woman. She creates art to open channels to the humane and to open channels of communication. To move through the world as a queer artist of colour, the pursuit of collective safety is both an act of labor and of necessity. Making art is her way of coping with the world at the moment.

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