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This page is to provide information on, and support of, the San Francisco performing arts community’s efforts to urge (and work with) the City’s Government to permit outdoor performing arts presentations in the City during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

It is our belief that performing arts presentations can take place safely outdoors if the City adopts and implements precautionary safety guidelines. For a more detailed statement on our position CLICK THIS LINK.

Also here is a URL LINK to a copy of the safety suggestions and ideas we sent to the San Francisco Department of Public Health (DPH). We want DPH to consider our ideas as it creates guidelines for the City to allow the performing arts to take place as a permitted use.

We have heard (and obliquely seen referred to) in the Mayor’s Press Release dated September 1, that the City is going to start processing permits for live outdoor music performances for audiences of up to 12 persons beginning on September 15 as part of its Special Gatherings Plan.

This means that DPH is now writing guidelines to allow these permits to be issued. We Thank DPH and the Mayor for finally starting to create the guidelines to restart live performances.

HOWEVER, what they are proposing is not enough. If DPH is addressing performing arts in September – they will not do so again for quite some time. THEREFORE, we are asking DPH and the Mayor to TAKE TWO ADDITIONAL STEPS TO SAFELY RE-OPEN THE ARTS.

  • First, the new guidelines for outdoor music should allow all performing arts to take place (except those that are subject to further restrictions due to aerosol concerns). This includes outdoor theatre, dance and circus presentations.

  • Second, the allowed audience capacity should be greater than 12. We applaud the goal of increasing the number to 50 persons by the end of September. However rather than this being a fixed figure (some can be higher, others should be less), the allowed capacity should be subject to each permit recipient’s plan for the implementation of a proven method of safe audience management through a comprehensive Box Office operation.

What can you do to ask City Government to support THE TWO STEPS?
Please do AS MANY of these as you can

  • Send a letter to the Mayor, DPH and Your Supervisor to Support the Two Steps MORE DETAILS HERE.

  • Share via Social Media HERE.

  • Sign our petition in support of the Two Steps HERE.
    (Note: it is okay to do this AND send a letter)

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