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IN DIASPORA: I.D. for the New Majority is the theme for the 2020 San Francisco International Arts Festival that will run at the Fort Mason Center for Arts & Culture from May 7 - 17.

I.D. asks artists to contemplate the changing demographics of the United States of America and / or apply the ideas of social justice to reflect on the conditions of minority, migrant, disenfranchised and/or displaced peoples in other countries and continents.

We want to present projects that offer a progressive statement for the identity of the future. We are looking for projects that conduct explorations at the confluence of democracy, identity and social, economic and environmental justice.

I.D. also poses the question that if the new demographic prevails, which it ultimately will, then what type of society will emerge? Will the new majority in the United States take to heart its current political rhetoric of social justice to create "a more perfect union" or merely usurp the power of the old majority and assume its prejudicial mantle of greed and subjugation?

Performing artists interested in participating in the Festival in 2020 please contact the Festival office at 415-399-9554 or send an email to andrew@sfiaf.org to set up an appointment.


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