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Manos Lindas


Music to Nourish, Expand, and Heal Yourself

Date(s) & Time(s): Sat, Oct 23, 4:00 PM
Duration: 30 mins w/out intermission
Venue: Fort Mason
Location: Young Performers Theatre
This performance is part of a shared bill with: La Zuli

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Advance Price: $23 - $25

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Engagement funded in part by:

Generously funded by National Endowment for the Arts, the Sam Mazza Foundation and listeners like you!

Artist Information

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Production Details

Music to Nourish, Expand, and Heal Yourself

The music from this set will stand in humble and respectful tribute to the Bay Area's arts community. Some describe Manos Lindas as music, while others describe it as stepping through a portal into another dimension. Upon completion of the experience audiences will remember to nourish themselves and others, to cause no harm to self and others, and to ease the suffering of self and others whenever and wherever possible. Manos Lindas will perform a special, non-traditional acoustic set of violin, cajon/conga, and acoustic bass guitar.

Manos Lindas

Manos Lindas is the product of what its name suggests. Blurring an array of genres and origins, each member contributes their individual hands for a collective sound that can't be pinpointed. San Francisco is a cultural melting pot and certain aspects of that culture are fading, natives would tell you. The eccentricity, the color, the nerve, the beauty, and the edge: this is what Manos Lindas sounds like. Manos Lindas is known for melting your face and winning your heart. Come and bear witness to something you've never seen before.

Artist Biographies

Hannah Glass (Violin, Vocals)
After being bitten by a radioactive violin, she gained the power to bewitch and inspire anyone within hearing distance. During full moons she can be found serenading crowds into ecstatic trances in popular Bay Area venues.

Vince Shore (Drums, Percussion)
Recently, scientists have theorized that he has developed such a precise sense of timing by utilizing a third eye which he uses to see through time. He may be found taming wild beasts and otherworldy creatures in his spare time.

Arya Zarrinkelk (Bass)
He is known for the mystical and hypnotic movements of his feet. Travelers far and wide tell tales of how just one glance at his soulful boogie steps elicit involuntary and spontaneous dancing in observers. Enjoys rainbows, Adidas clothing, and long walks through the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco.

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