Goody Cafe

Home Cooking at Fort Mason Center

Right Next to the
Readers Bookstore.

Hours during the Festival:

8:30am - 4:00pm

8:30am - 8:00pm

8:30am - 9:00pm

Location: Building C, Fort Mason Center

More Information


 Goody Cafe

Part of SFIAF’s mission at Fort Mason is to work with existing FMCAC resident organizations. As such, we are pleased to highlight in our brochure below and on our website the different cafes and restaurants serving our audience on campus.

New for this year are our relationships with Goody Café and the Friends of San Francisco Library Bookstore both located in proximity on the ground floor of Building C.  The Book Store is hosting some of our artist panel discussions and talks and is planning to have cut-price titles available that provide context for some of the artists featured in this year’s Festival. Goody Café has extended its opening hours to 9:00pm, offers discounts for Festival ticket holders and is experimenting with us to provide an at-cost meal service for the artists and crews working on this year’s Festival.

Goody offers homemade foods such as quiches, panini, salads and sweets, plus espresso drinks, bottled beer and wine.  Our goal is to create an informal artist hangout where the public is also invited to join and enjoy a light meal, a drink or a treat. It’s a welcoming atmosphere for Festival audiences to take a break and recharge between shows.

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