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The Weaver

Date(s) & Time(s): Sunday May 31, 5:30 PM
Duration: 70 minutes with intermission
Location: Chapel

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Early Bird: $15
Advanced: $25
At the Door: $28 

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Production Credits

ComposerLisa Graciano
MusiciansPaul Miller, Patrick Liddell, Megan Robin Hewitt, Richard H. Phillips, and guest musicians Steve Lew, Mel Grover, and more



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Work Sample


The Weaver

As newly independent Indonesia struggles to shed its colonial past as the Dutch East Indies, a Balinese family is torn by conflict, and a teenage girl in Sulawesi runs away from her family to join a rebellion. Their stories come together in ‘The Weaver’ featuring songs, dance and narration created by Indonesian born singer-songwriter Lisa Graciano and performed by the Bay Area group Purnamasari. The Weaver explores diaspora and multicultural identity in the context of personal stories, based on Lisa's family's history, told through Purnamasari’s original yet accessible songs and compositions, integrating Indonesian gamelan instruments within a guitar band format.


Purnamasari, led by Indonesian born, SF Bay Area singer-songwriter Lisa Graciano, integrates Indonesian gamelan instruments, ideas and dance movements into original yet accessible guitar-based songs and compositions. Purnamasari features performers experienced in both gamelan and western music, mixing and extending traditional techniques. They create a unique musical fusion, using a variety of gamelan instruments and tuning systems, mixed with western instruments tuned to a pitch allowing interaction with the gamelan. Purnamasari grew out of the Indonesian American Cross Cultural Music Project, a collaboration between Lisa and gamelan player Paul Miller, and includes musicians Megan Hewitt, Patrick Liddell and Richard Phillips.


Lisa Graciano (composer, vocals, guitar, narration, dance)
Lisa Graciano had classical music training in Singapore, studied Balinese dance in Jakarta, fronted rock bands in Manila, joined Amsterdam’s folk and blues circuit, and now performs her original songs acoustically and with Purnamasari. Lisa was recently featured on Voice of America’s "Dunia Kita” and KPFA's Music of the World.

Paul Miller (gamelan instruments and arrangements)
Paul Miller received a B.A. in music from Brandeis University, was introduced to gamelan at Mills College, studied with Wayang Loceng and other master musicians in Indonesia, and performs with Bay Area gamelan groups Gadung Kasturi, Sari Raras, Gamelan Sekar Jaya, and Shadowlight Productions, specializing in Gender Wayang music.

Patrick Liddell (bass guitar)
Patrick Liddell is an Oakland-based musician, producer, and video artist with a doctoral degree in music composition from Northwestern University. Patrick collaborated on the NYC "60x60" music series, gained international renown with his YouTube experiment "Video Room 1000" and has released four albums under the moniker "ontologist”.

Megan Robin Hewitt (gamelan instruments, vocal harmony)
Megan Robin Hewitt learned gamelan at Florida State University and performs with Gamelan Sekar Jaya and with partner Garna Raditya in their singer-songwriter duo Antaralain. A graduate student in Southeast Asian Studies at UC Berkeley, Megan writes about literature, performance arts, and contemporary social movements in Java.

Richard H. Phillips (electric guitar, vocal harmony)
Richard H. Phillips is a multi-instrumentalist musician, and the songwriter, guitarist and vocalist for Golden Path, an SF Bay Area indie rock band. He performs as half of a duet with musician and composer Barbara Golden, and plays Balinese gamelan music with Gamelan Sekar Jaya and Gadung Kasturi.

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