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Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco

(USA & Spain)

Rock Flamenco (World Premiere)

Date and Time: Friday May 31, 9:30pm
Duration: 60 minutes, no intermission
Location: Gallery 308

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General Admission: $25
Reserved Table Seating: $30, $35 
At the Door: $28 - $38 

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Artist Info

Production Credits
Artistic Director: Carola Zertuche

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Work Sample

Rock Flamenco is a collaborative project between Theatre Flamenco and rock musicians to create a world premiere performance for the Festival. Rock Flamenco is inspired by a time in 1970s following the death of Franco. La Movida Madrileña was ascendant in Spanish popular music, including various strands of progressive rock. Until then flamenco had remained separate from the rock music movement, but in the period following the death of the dictator and the relaxing of censorship laws a wave of cross-disciplinary experimentation took place. This initially outraged flamenco purists who saw it as the death knell of the form. But it turned out to be one of the great periods of innovation, transformation and renaissance as flamenco, popular culture and the people of Spain began to experience and experiment with democracy once again. Theatre Flamenco Artistic Director Carola Zertuche will adapt six compositions of flamenco rock to create a unique Flamenco Performance to pay homage to this pivotal point in Spain’s history.

Theatre Flamenco de San Francisco
Founded in 1966, Theatre Flamenco of San Francisco is one of the longest, continually running flamenco performance groups outside of Spain. The company is the second oldest dance company in San Francisco and one of the longest continually running flamenco performance groups outside of Spain. For 52 years Theatre Flamenco has been producing richly imaginative and thematic shows in collaboration with local and international artists, offering classes with world famous flamenco artists to students of all ages and abilities, and maintaining strong ties to flamenco artists around the world.

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