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New Arts Collaboration



New Identity in Improvisation for Piano and Percussion

Date(s) & Time(s):
Sunday, May 12, 2:00 PM
Duration: 75 mins wih intermission
Location: 544 Capp Street, SF, CA, 94110
Venue: Community Music Center

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Early Bird: $20, Advance: $25, Door: $28

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Artist Information

Piano: Ting Luo, Motoko Honda, Kevin Lo
Percussion: Kevin Corcoran

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Production Details

KEYSCAPES 2024: New Identity in Improvisation for Piano and Percussion

KEYSCAPES 2024 promises to be a rich musical journey featuring an extraordinary lineup of Bay Area performing artists: pianist Ting Luo, percussionist Kevin Corcoran, pianist Motoko Honda, and pianist Kevin Lo. Each performer brings their unique interpretation of the new identity in contemporary and improvisational music. This one-of-a-kind concert promises to push the boundaries of traditional piano and music performances, immersing the audience in a world of innovative sounds and captivating rhythmic and melodic ideas. Join these talented artists as they showcase their original improvisations. Experience the enchantment of dynamic duets and trios, leading to a powerful culminating quartet performance. Brace yourself to be captivated by the boundless creativity of these innovative sound artists..

New Arts Collaboration
New Arts Collaboration (NAC) is an interdisciplinary art project for sound and multimedia. NAC was curated by pianist Ting Luo in 2020. NAC connects with artists from multi-disciplined fields, forming a strong bond for artists to collaborate with each other, including living composers, sound artists, visual artists and so on. In our vision, sound as a human expression could be formed and interacted freely and experimentally with other mediums including electronics, tape, visuals, music, etc. *New Arts Collaboration is a fiscally-sponsored affiliate of InterMusic SF, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to small ensemble music in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Artist Biographies

Ting Luo
Ting Luo, pianist, and director of New Arts Collaboration. She has performed and lectured in prestigious venues in China and the U.S., advocating contemporary and classical music. Her interdisciplinary art project New Arts Collaboration has been featured in many contemporary music and film festivals around the U.S. and internationally.

Motoko Honda
Critically-acclaimed Japanese-born pianist/composer/interdisciplinary media artist Motoko Honda has created a distinctive sound through her holistic approach to music, her collaborative sensibility to multiple art forms and inspired use of innovative technologies. Portrayed as a “Keyboard Alchemist”(Chris Barton, L.A.Times) and the “Embodiment of a Muse” (Greg Burk,, Honda has fascinated critics and audiences alike with her genre-defying innovative approach to piano playing and composing: “Imagine Radiohead teaching Franz List how to rock a Kaoss Pad; or John Cage facing off with Bud Powell over prepared piano”(Matthew Duersten,

Kevin Lo
Kevin CK Lo is an Oakland-based composer, choreographer, artist, writer, and one half of the performance experiment DROUGHT SPA, with alex cruse. He is also the technical director at CounterPulse, in San Francisco, and is undergoing a PhD in Music Composition at UC Berkeley. Work has been featured at CounterPulse, UC Berkeley, Interrupt Festival (Brown University), Cecil Taylor Symposium (CUNY, NYC), Artists’ Television Access, The Poetry Center (SFSU), SOMArts, and many others.

Kevin Corcoran
Kevin Corcoran works with percussion, field recording and electronics with an open interest in sound as medium as it moves through contexts of music, art, communication and place. He improvises, arranges sounds and collaborates across disciplines and borders in the US, Mexico, Europe and East Asia, with musicians, dancers, filmmakers, writers and visual artists. From Sacramento, California, he is currently based in San Francisco and Santa Cruz.

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