Educational Activities

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Master Class with Jessie Bie and Company Members

Date and Time: Saturday, April 28, 1:00PM
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Lines Dance Center
Ticket Information: General admission $20

Taught by artistic director Jesse Bie the class begins with a release-based warm-up that approaches movement with a somatic and anatomically correct focus while utilizing effective dance principles to further develop greater musicality, articulation, and performance skills in the dancer. Learn More

National Dance Week Showing

Excerpts from Loserville

Date and Time: Saturday, May 5, 1:30pm
Duration: 90 mins, no intermission
Location: Lines Dance Center
Ticket Information: FREE
Preview excerpts from STEAMROLLER Dance Company’s Loserville as part of Lines’ National Dance Week programming. Plus performances by Lines artists and teachers Chris Lam, Seema Shah and Nol Simonse. Learn More

Northern California
Post Graduate Performance
Program Presentation

Date and Time: Saturday, May 26 11:00am
Duration: 120 mins, no intermission
Location: Gallery 308, Building A
Ticket Information: FREE

A presentation for alumni from Northern California graduate degree arts programs that outlines how they can participate in the Festival through their Alma Mater. Learn More

Ambiguous Dance Master Class

Harmony Between a Body and Sounds

Date and Time: Wednesday, May 30, 4:30 PM
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Lines Dance Center
Ticket Information: General Admission $20

Bo-ram Kim, the artistic director of Ambiguous Dance Company, seeks to return to the core of music and dance, pursuing sound before music and body movements before dance, so that he can create distinct musical interpretations and visualization. The workshop will make movements that express music and sound. Learn More

Troupe Vertigo Master Class

Dynamic Flexibility and Partnering

Date and Time: Thursday, May 31, 3:00pm
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Lines Dance Center
Ticket Information: General Admission $20

Learn ways of harnessing your flexibility to the extreme through dynamic motion. Students will utilize their flexibility to find ways of moving dynamically through a combination of both dance and contortion techniques while also learning how to use strength within their flexibility to hold one another in complex partnering movement. This class is ideal for those who have comfort in splits and back bends, both Women and Men Welcome. Learn More

Baobab Master Class

Dance Scrum with Wataru Kitao

Date and Time: Friday , June 1, 2:00PM
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Lines Dance Center
Ticket Information: General Admission $20

Baobab’s artistic director Wataru Kitao introduces his creation style and choreography. Inspirational for anyone who practices dance, theater, and all types of movement expressions. Learn More

Women in Cirque Panel Discussion

With Aloysia Gavre and Melodie Couture

Date and Time: Saturday June 2, 3:00PM
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Friends of SF Library Book Store
Ticket Information: FREE

A conversation with Melodie Couture General Director of Cirquantique, Aloysia Gavre Artistic Director of Troupe Vertigo and Veronica Blair of the San Francisco Circus Center. Three women leaders share their insights and give an update on the progress and role of women in nouveau cirque. Learn More

Losers and Dragons and Queer A.I.

Theatre Panel Discussion

Date and Time: Saturday, June 2, 7:00 PM
Duration: 90 mins
Location: Friends of SF Public Library Book Store
Ticket Information: FREE

A panel that focuses on gay / queer themes as they have developed within contemporary theatre over the last 30 years. The panel discusses how queer themes are manifest today and asks what does the future portend? Jesse Bie from STEAMROLLER, Eric Kupers of Dandelion and Pao Chang Tsai of the Tainaner Ensemble discuss. Moderated by Brian Freeman. Learn More

Pao-Chang Tsai Master Class

Theatre Odin Inspired Voice Practice

Date and Time: Sunday, June 3, 1:00pm
Duration: 180 mins
Location: American Conservatory Theater
Ticket Information: $75

Pao-Chang Tsai will introduce students to the Voice practices inspired by Swedish master Harald Emgard and Odin Theatre (Denmark) actress Roberta Carreri. This work helps actors to find their own way toward stronger vocal production on stage, and to explore more possibilities in their voice in terms of resonance, coloration, and interpretation. Learn More

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