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Sarada Kala Nilayam


Chakras - the wheel of energy

Date(s) & Time(s): Sun, May 12, 2:00 PM
Duration: 25 mins without intermission
Location: 3316 24th St, SF, CA 94110
Venue: Dance Mission Theater

Shared Bill With InsyncKathak Dancers

Co-Presenter: Asian Pacific Islander Cultural Center

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Early Bird: $20, Advance: $25, Door: $28

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Artist Information

Artistic Director, Choreographer, Dancer: Sweta Ravisankar
Concept By: Kousalya Ravisankar
Jathi Composer and Teacher: S. Ravisankar

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Production Details

Chakras - the wheel of energy
Chakra refers to the wheel of energy flowing in our body along the spine. When the seven chakras align with one another, energy or prana can flow freely to create harmony between the physical body, mind, and spirit. Each chakra has a unique purpose and particular location along the spine. The choreography in the Indian dance form os Bharatanatyam details the location of each chakra, the yoga poses and elements of nature associated with them, and the voice of the activated Chakra. An additional layer of interpretation in terms of geometry and colors has also been explored.

Sarada Kala Nilayam
Sarada Kala Nilayam (SKN) is a performing arts organization dedicated to inspiring creativity in all students and audiences since its inception in 2012. SKN has about 40 students, both youth and adult, who are growing into serious cultural arts practitioners of Bharatanatyam and Nattuvangam. SKN students have received grants in the SF Bay Area for professional development and to perform their creative ideas at various venues like Safe House Arts and Prayukti Arts. We strive to present dance as a mode of communication and create a sense of community and belonging both within the organization and in the larger community.

Sweta Ravisankar
A Bharatanatyam performing artist, teacher, and choreographer, Sweta Ravisankar began her journey in this art form three decades ago. Sweta holds a Masters in Bharatanatyam and is the artistic director of Sarada Kala Nilayam, where she teaches Bharathanatyam and Nattuvangam (cymbals). She performs extensively throughout the US and India as a solo artist and freelance dancer performing with other dance companies. Sweta also trains beginner youth and adult dancers who are now growing into serious arts practitioners. She currently trains under her Gurus, Smt. Padmini Radhakrishnan and Smt. Roja Kannan.

Checkout #thalamthursdays on Instagram to see her unique rhythmic interpretations.

S. Ravisankar
S. Ravisankar is an experienced Mridangam (double-sided drum) player, a disciple of Sri Sanjeevi Rao (a senior disciple of Sri Palghat Mani Iyer) and Gundupalli Sri Krishnamurthy Rao, Chennai. He has been accompanying Carnatic music concerts, Bharatanatyam recitals, and bhajans for the past 40 years. Videos featuring his Mridangam playing:

Kousalya Ravisankar
Kousi ( practices the Ashtanga Yoga style from Patanjali Yogpeeth of Haridwar, India for the past 18 years and has been teaching yoga for the past 9 years. She has students in India and the US and has been teaching dancers for the past 7 years. You can view her yoga demonstration on YouTube or her Instagram page given above:

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